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brooks broke the story of his son's illness. >> it's happened at the moment mr. murdoch was poised to take an even bigger role in british life. and his ambitions. rumors swirling around news international this afternoon are to save, rupert murdoch might dump all of its u.k. newspapers. >> more accusations to the placement were corrupted in exchange for information. also tonight, enough air conditioning to play football in the desert. how did he touch with a smaller population than west yorkshire persuade fever to let and stage the world cup? >> attack on 2020 is because it fits the purchased the people of in the mind. arab nation could not have one. >> no one it seems was safe from the attention of corrupted journalists. there were allegations today that they even tried to hack the phones of members of the royal family. and reporters from the sun and the sunday times flag details of gordon brown's bank account and have his son medical reports. david cameron, meanwhile, stood by his decision to appoint a federal editor of the "news of the world," as his communications director. ther
of politics? that is the question. david brooks, a conservative -- i repeat, conservative columnist for the new "new york times," hs hired for that reason, that usually liberal editorial page, they wanted someone who wrote well and was a certified conservative. david brooks is who they chose. david brooks believes that, it's obviously turned into the ideological paerl that walks -- party that walks away from compromise for the sake of politics. this is what he said yesterday about the logical and ideological republican party that has emerged. here's what he said -- and i quote -- "if the debt ceiling talks fail, independent voters will see the democrats are willing to compromise, but republicans were not. if we default, he said, it will be the fault of republican fanatacism." that fanatacism is making compromise impossible, no matter how much democrats are willing to give. independent voters, brooks says -- and i quote -- "will conclude that republicans are not fit to govern, and they will be right." end of quote. david brooks, conservative columnist, said this. the republican party
in the yard i think between rebekah brooks, where these matters were discussed. i don't know the outcome of that and i wasn't responsible for the case at the time. >> dgc to find out why this was under investigation by "news of the world"? >> say it again. >> did you try to find out why that officer had been investigated by the "news of the world" at that time? >> no, i didn't. i wasn't responsible for the case. >> you became interested later on. i'm not blaming you. [inaudible] >> good lord. the thing that concerned me and what i discuss with dave cook was personal security. that's what would have concerned me. david would know, we put in place positions for reassurance around his personal security. what happened in 2002, i would not be taking further at that point. >> you didn't see to investigate why his place under investigation by the "news of the world"? >> i suspect it was common knowledge between david and i had taken place and i put in place with david very personal security matters, and relevant advice to assure that he felt comfortable doing his job. >> it was the time he was
conservative columnist david brooks said in his column yesterday that this bill has -- quote -- "zero chance of becoming law" understand that it's -- quote -- "likely republicans will come to regret this missed opportunity." but second of all, madam president, this bill is not just a waste of time, it is truly terrible policy. it would essentially enshrine into our constitution the failed republican policies that got us into this crisis in the first place. it would bind our hands from responding to national emergencies that require quick and decisive action, like another terrorist attack or hurricane katrina, payments for families who lost their homes in tornadoes or an infrastructure breach in states across the country, like the howard hanson dam in my state. it would force us to stay "no" to families across the country who need some temporary support to help them get back on their feet and at the same time help them contribute back to our economic strength. their bill would have presented us from taking -- prevented us from taking any action after wall street brought us to the brink of cou
columnist david brooks has said -- quote -- "a normal republican party would seize the opportunity to put the country on a sound fiscal footing." he calls it -- quote -- "the mother of no-brainers," but it is true as many have said that this republican party is not your grandfather's republican party. it is not even ronald reagan's republican party. this republican party is so far to the right that it cannot even see the center where ideologies converge and good governance begins. this republican party sees the process of governing as one-sided, their side and no other. today, those on the far right wave the constitution that established a form of government to protect us from tyranny, yet see any form of compromise as defeat, and the only clear victory is total surrender to their position. and so here we are, working to try to ensure that reason prevails. we have offered the largest spending cuts in a generation. asking that those cuts be accompanied by closing tax loopholes and ending tax giveaways and unreasonable subsidies to those who need them the least, but because almost every re
than 100"÷"÷ million homes."÷"÷ created by cable, provided as a÷ public service."÷"÷ >>> rebecca brooks, the former"÷ chief executive of news"÷"÷ international, testified earlie÷ this week before a house of"÷"÷ commons committee. she"÷"÷ was questioned on her knowledge of phone hacking at"÷÷ "news of the world," alleged"÷"÷ payments made to police officers and to celebrity victims of"÷"÷ hacking. she was"÷"÷ also asked about"÷"÷ tampering with the voicemail of a teenage murder victim. >> we've now come to the second part of our session. i'd like to welcome ms. be rebecca brooks, recent chief executive officer at news international, and i'd like to thank you for your willingness to come before the committee. we are very much aware there is an ongoing police investigation which could lead to further proceedings, and we will bear that in mind, but we also appreciate your statement when you resigned from the company that you wanted to be as helpful as possible to various inquiries that are underway. could i just start then. news international issued a statement when you we
by arthur brooks, called "the debt ceiling and the pursuit of happiness." the presiding officer: without objection. mr. kyl: thank you. arthur brooks is the head of the american enterprise institute and has written frequently on the subject of happiness in our country and how we get there. his most recent book is called "the battle: how the fight between free enterprise and big government will shape america's future." his theme in this op-ed was similar to the theme in the book which is we have the system we have because americans have found that it is the system which most leads us to the pursuit of happiness, to the achievement of success and things that are really important in our lives. so he talks about the fight that we're engaged in now about extending the debt ceiling as being a fight against 50-year trends towards statism, which he identifies as a state which would be very disappointing to americans where we would not have the ability to pursue our dreams, the same opportunity that we have today, to be successful if we take risks and to really utilize the full potential of the f
fellow at the brookings institute. he has a wealth of knowledge in both the policy arena and the academic arena. let's start off with martin, and then with can move on to tom cooley. >> thank you. this microphone is on? i'm going to make comments on dodd-fang, not comments on michael, who i think did a terrific job at treasury and working on some of these very difficult issues, so i got a few concerns about dodd-frank, but i do think we should all be grateful for the job that michael did. when dodd-frank passed, i was pleased that an important step forward had been made in making the u.s. financial sector safer. in particular, while placing the fed in charge of monitoring was not necessarily my first choice, i thought it was a better thing to have the fed --ed -- ed fed mop toring the -- monitoring the constitutions over the previous system that we had in which aig, bear stearns, and others were regulated and i think that is a step forward. i ended up supporting the consumer protection agency. in my view, they should always be resistent to the creations and the may not understand how they
partner slightly exaggerated and we all remember douglas fraser and robert brooks and they'd be horrified. but the point is the same. that friendship -- that friendship ain't governing possible. they were questioning each other's motives, much less commitment to the country. underlining many of those across the i/o and even more remarkable across the dome, congressional friendships with the relationship among the wives. over the last few days, we've appropriately celebrated at the ford for her incredible courage in the face of around challenges and the impact that courage is had upon millions of lives. but in her wisdom, and she knew that the part of her life that would be given little notice the remaining years as a partner of a member of the house of representatives. so that's why she espey to talk about it. it's a tough job. more often political widows and political wife. the duties range from showing visiting constituents are on the capital. it was a big deal in the states and from each other from michigan or the guy to washington to help calm social service programs in the district o
interns shannon simpson, brook jordi and tray dubrey be granted floor privileges during today's business. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: i note the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call: the presiding officer: the leader is recognized. mr. reid: i ask that the call. quorum be terminated. officer sphe without objection. rioted reid mr. president, we have five days remaining until a few extremist republicans drive our economy off the cliff because they're too radical and inexperienced to compromise. mr. reid: financial experts are begging copping to come toon agreement and avert the first-ever default on this nation's financial obligations. this is what one financial analyst said yesterday about the need to avert a default crisis that would spark a global economic depression. this is a quote. "the market is saying we need a deal here. default is starting to seep into the marketplace." close quote. it won't be long, they say, before financial markets severely react to continued subimportantness of the tea party republicans
increasing the debt limit. let me quote, if i might, from david brooks, the conservative columnist who said -- and i quote -- "the republican party may no longer be a normal party. over the past few years, it has been affected by a faction that is more a psychological protest than a practical governing alternative. the members of this movement do not accept the logic of compromise. no matter how sweet the terms. if you ask them to raise taxes by an inch in order to cut government by a foot, they'll say no. if you ask them to raise taxes by an inch to cut government by a yard, they'll say no. the members of this movement do not accept the legitimacy of scholars or intellectual authorities. a thousand impartial experts may tell them that a default on the debt would have calamitous effects far worse than raising revenues a bit, but the members of this movement refuse to believe it." i know that the majority leader in the house of representatives, mr. kantor, tells us that there's no compromise that can pass at the present time in the house of representatives. i don't accept that, mr. president
's an article -- then there's a david brooks, a leading republican columnist, who said, "if the debt ceiling talks fail, independent voters will see that democrats were willing to compromise but republicans were not. if responsible republicans do not take control, independents will conclude that republican fanaticism caused this default. they will conclude that republicans are not fit to govern. and they will be right." this is written by a leading republican -- well, actually i'd call him a leading intellect in the republican party. so we see here that people on the outside are noticing what's happening. you cannot take your marbles and go home when the full faith and credit of the united states of america is at stake. now, a lot of people think raising the debt ceiling is so you can do more spending in the future. no, no. raising the debt ceiling is to take care of the debts that were incurred in the past. two wars unpaid for, a huge tax cut to the millionaires and the billionaires unpaid for, a prescription drug benefit unpaid for while my republican friends said no, that medicare could n
described it. this morning in "the new york times" david brooks said there has been an outbreak of sanity. this represents an outbreak of sanity in royal waters of emotionalism, personality conflict, political acrimony. so i hope that my republican colleagues will join us in seeking and ensuring stability for the markets and for our fragile economic recovery and focusing on what really concerns the american people right now and should concern them: job growth. it is about jobs. we should get on with that historic task of creating jobs and enabling small businesses to borrow at rates they can afford without hiking those interest rates as a result of a financial crisis that is truly avoidable. failure would be the result of our own doing and our own failure in this chamber. we need to keep our economy moving in the right direction, and i am hopeful, even confident, that we can come together with goodwill on both sides to overcome our differences and achieve that compromise that the reid proposal represents. thank you, mr. president, and i suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding offic
at brookings that congress is more polarized. that is to say the most liberal republican is more conservative than the most conservative democrat so working out agreements in that environment is pretty difficult. to take a slightly more positive turn, i think we do pass legislation. we find out how it works. there is then a process. it's not ideal. i mean, it's got a lot of lobbying in it but it's also got a lot of politics in it and hopefully things do get better. i'm a big fan of senator sarbanes. he helped me get confirmed twice. the first round at least of sarbanes-oxley was not great. i mean, it was extremely expensive to administer. and it wasn't -- it's not clear to me that it added to the safety or accounting practices of companies. but it's been modified and it's now much better than it was. i still don't think it's great but i think it's better than it was. so i think we do have to rely on this process and hope that it gets us eventually we find out where the problems are in the legislation and then we make changes. >> well, i'm slightly more optimistic. i think -- in spite of my cr
. a dangerous gamble, one that we cannot afford to take. defaulting on our debt would also be, as david brooks so aptly put it, a stain upon our national honor. are we actually going to become a country that can't be relied on to pay its debts? and yet, we have members of the house and members of this body threatening to vote against raising the debt ceiling unless the president and democrats in congress meet their demands on how to address the deficit going forward. are my friends suggest that go we act like a deadbeat who buys a new car and then sometime down the line decides, you know, i just don't feel like making the payments? i think these members are doing an enormous disservice by holding our nation's economy and indeed the entire global economy hostage to their demands. because the united states treasury bond has been the foundation of the world financial system, it is not an overstatement to say that defaulting on our debt at this fragile point in the global economic recovery could throw us into a worldwide depression. now, i am hardly alone in this regard. the u.s. chamber of commer
class that needs no protections. i don't usually agree with the conservative columnist david brooks, but as i have said on this floor before, i agree with him when he says -- quote -- "the members of this movement talk blandly of default and are willing to stain their nation's honor." willing to stain their nation's honor. and i agree when he wrote that if the debt talks fail, independent voters will see democrats as willing to compromise but republicans were not. mr. president, though, this is not even about that. at the end of the day, this is about the nation. this is about our economy. this is about trying to get people back to work. this is about trying to ensure families can realize their hopes and dreams and aspirations. this is about the united states of america, a beacon of light to the rest of the world, the gold standard in terms of credit and meeting its obligations continuing to be that gold standard and that beacon of light or becoming a deadbeat in the world. mr. president, i would go even further and say the american public will see right through these efforts to pro
. it is a professional think tank that is a joint venture of the urban institute and the brookings institution. with the exception of its director, donald morund, t.c.p. is largely staffed by highly qualified tax professionals who worked in democratic treasury departments and democratic hill offices. t.p.c. is a solid, professional outfit but you can't ignore its institutional perspective. to be fair, i'd say the same thing about the heritage foundation. their institutional perspective is more lik likely to line up wh folks on my side of the aisle. i am drawing from t.p.c. data, some assumptions i might not agree with. according to estimates, for 2011, american households earning more than $1 million account for 12% of the nation's pretax income. they pay 19% of federal taxes and carry an average tax rate of 29%. even more critical from my per peculiarive, these taxpayers also account for 38% of all flow-through income. that's primarily earnings through the businesses of small businesses. so raising rates on the rich will squarely hit those who create and expand the small businesses who need t
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